Fast changing technology has made it necessary to design and develop better computer systems. The haste to deliver a product sometimes forces companies to overlook essential software testing processes before going to market. Companies end up ignoring the fact that quality assurance testing is the most critical factor for achieving high performance of the product and thus resulting in greater customer satisfaction. STS can help build and refine software testing skills and functionality to achieve savings in a longer run. We take a test-specific approach from start to finish. We help with careful planning, designing test strategy, plan development, resource and skill alignment. During execution, we methodically operate an application or system under a variety of pre-defined conditions. And, we provide oversight and management - including process adherence, communication plans and traceability matrices that ensure success in the long-term.

What we do?

Software Test Management

Take a comprehensive approach to managing the entire QA testing project, including specific processes: Defect Triage Management, Project Communication, Test Governance and UAT Coordination.

Software Test Strategy & Plan Development

Plan to build a detailed and solid foundation for how to execute the software testing project while ensuring the highest level of quality.

Resource Planning & Selection

Identify the right talent needed to perform the prescribed QA testing responsibilities.

Software Test Metrics Identification

Determine the specific test processes that will be measured during the course of a project to ensure exit criteria have been achieved.

Software Test Environment Planning & Management

Prepare multiple types of test environments through purchase, installation and configuration for software test execution, on-going coordination and management.

Software Test Data Planning & Management

Identify data sources and processes for importing or creating data in test systems to enable test execution.

Software Test Case Development & Execution

Deploy skilled testers to develop and execute comprehensive test cases that will trace back to requirements and rainy day scenarios.

Automated solutions

Today's incredibly competitive business environment leaves little margin for error. Not only can we help you avoid costly errors, our expert teams can help your business achieve greater results at lower cost. What’s more, our specialized services and “right team for the right job” approach allows us to solve specific businesses challenges within industries, as well as facilitate and accelerate tangible results that give our clients a real competitive advantage. We can help automate the whole testing process by using variety of tools like – Selenium, HP UFT/QTP, Ranorex.

Enterprise Quality Automation

We can streamline your software QA and testing processes by integrating the use of tools and automation throughout your software development life cycle. By optimizing everyday business practices and applications, you can ensure maximum efficiencies and high performance throughout your organization.

Performance Engineering

Is the application fast enough? Will it scale appropriately? Will it be costly to maintain? How long will it take to recover if it fails? Addressing these critical questions early in the software development phase can help you avoid major setbacks and cost overruns. We can help engineer high performance from the initial design phase through to implementation and ongoing support.

Functional Regression Testing

Your company's broad range of enterprise technologies and environments can never be entirely "automated," no matter what your favorite tool vendor tells you. Functional regression testing is a form of software development that involves a careful mix of coding and strategy to yield the best return on your investment and reduce any redundant testing efforts.

Performance Services Program (PSP)

Tight budgets and limited IT resources are no longer a reason to bypass performance testing. With PSP, we can offer you an affordable and bundled tools/services solution without compromising quality or results. PSP expands your current business portfolio, provides you with a final report, which includes analysis and recommendations for remediation. Similar services for functional automation are also available.